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Energy Efficient Lighting

          Ecolighting Solutions is your best bet for energy efficient lighting in the Philippines. Whether you are looking for specific types of lighting solutions such as floodlights, high bay and low bay, streetlights or canopy lighting, we have the right solution that meets all of your energy efficient lighting needs.

          For energy efficient floodlighting in the Philippines, you can opt for high protection level outdoor floodlights that are water and dust-proof for use in extreme weather. With a lower maintenance cost and an extended life span, energy efficient LED floodlights are a great option for your energy efficient lighting needs. Our outdoor lights come with Ingress Protection levels of 65 and 67, respectively, ensuring that they meet the tough challenges presented by the Philippine climate. Our LED is dust, water, and explosion proof, and submersible in up to five feet of water, making it an ideal fixture for challenging outdoor industrial environments.

          Next, if you are looking for streetlights that provide energy efficient lighting without sacrificing quality and aesthetic value, then look no further than the Ecolighting Solutions streetlight product. The Haiperion offers a tool-free, programmable electronic ballast and an aluminum casing and rubber seal for corrosion resistance and extreme weather conditions. The special light distribution design, which allows for a high output of lumens without sacrificing the spread of light distribution (unlike contemporary LED solutions), means less required units, allowing for further potential savings. Additionally, it also comes with a solidified lampshade glass, making for a durable model tailor made for the Philippines.

          If you are interested in energy efficient lighting solutions for a factory, warehouse or hypermarket in the Philippines, then the high bay and low bay LED lights may be exactly what you are looking for. Ecolighting Solutions offers a super luminaire that brings the benefits of LED technology, as well as embedded intelligent electronic ballast technology, with a high power factor up to 98%. The modern, streamlined appearance creates a space atmosphere has garnered positive feedback and ensures that the light not only provides energy efficient, high quality illumination, but an aesthetic quality unmatched by competitors. Finally, if canopy lighting is what you need, then check out Ecolighting Solutions canopy lighting products. We offer energy efficient canopy lighting in the Philippines, carrying all LED technology, such as high efficiency, high quality output, and a five year warranty, found in all our products. Currently being employed in national petroleum chains such as Flying V and Petron, the product will not disappoint.

          We offer solutions for all of your lighting needs and look forward to finding the right energy efficient lighting product for you.

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