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Different Uses for LED Lighting

          Ecolighting Solutions has a large supply of indoor and outdoor LED lights in the Philippines but we know that LED lights have many more interesting uses that just providing light for you. As the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting have become apparent, more uses for this type of lighting are popping up.

Benefits of LED Lighting

          LED lights are compact and don’t emit heat as opposed to incandescent light bulbs. They save on energy and are being used in a variety of new ways in the Philippines and all over the world.
Ceiling panels in office buildings are starting to be replaced with LED sky panels – lighting panels that are being designed to look like a virtual sky inside. Studies have found that LED lights can leave people feeling happier and increase productivity, hence LED lighting replacing harsh florescent lighting in progressive office buildings.

          LED lights in the Philippines, and elsewhere, are also being used as indicators in electronic flashlights, sign advertisements, and car lights. LED strips are also available and because LED lights are waterproof, they can be used indoors and outdoors. Another potential interesting use of LED lights that is currently being developed is LED wallpaper, which has wall panels that exude a colored glow.

Wearing LED Lighting?

          There are even reports of LED lights being used in fake eyelashes, merging the worlds of fashion and beauty with lighting and technology. There has also been reports of LED lights once again entering the fashion world with their application to clothing, giving the wearer a soft, glow.

          Hundreds of LED lights have also been placed inside the top of a modern coffee table, lighting up when there is motion above the table. LED ice cubes are sold for cocktails and are made of FDA-approved clear acrylic. You can freeze them and use them as if they were real ice cubes, the main difference being these LED lighted ice cubes turn bright colors when immersed in a drink.

The Sky is the limit with LED Lighting

          You name it…someone is adding LED lights to it! Whether in the Philippines or anywhere else in the world, LED technology is taking over the worlds of fashion and style, while still remaining a great way to save energy while lighting your home or business.

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