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Traditional lighting vs. Solar Lighting

          When you are ready to take your traditional lighting set up in the Philippines and switch to solar lights, Ecolighting Solutions has exactly what you need to make the alteration. Not only is solar lighting a better option for the environment, but it is a better option for your wallet, as well.

Solar Lights Powered by the Sun

          Solar lights take their power from the sun, rather than from electricity, in order to provide lighting to your Philippines’ home or business. During daylight hours, solar panels which are attached to the lights and stored in small batteries, absorb the sunlight. Once it becomes dark outside, a sensor triggers the light to turn on, using no other power than what has been seized from the sunlight during the day.

Solar Lights, a popular choice

          Solar lights are becoming a popular choice for outside lighting, in the Philippines and around the world. LED bulbs are often used with solar lights and these bulbs help reduce energy consumption by 70 percent and, in comparison to an incandescent light bulb, increase the bulb life to about 4 times longer. There is no greener choice in the Philippines than solar lights using LED bulbs.

Installation of Solar Lighting is a doddle

          If you are thinking of adding some outdoor lighting to your home or business, you may be considering more traditional lighting compared to solar lighting. With more traditional lighting, you will require installation that may include trenching and underground wiring, in order to connect your new lighting fixtures to an electrical grid system for power. After installation, you will have expensive monthly electricity bills.

          Eliminate expensive electrical bills with solar lighting Even if you have some installation work to do with your new solar lights, or when converting your current lighting system to solar-powered lights, it still means you will be eliminating your expensive monthly electricity bill. Solar lights are definitely the more economical choice to make in the Philippines and it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style.Ecolighting Solutions in the Philippines has the right solar-powered lighting options for you. Our new solar power technology, SolMagic, includes a patented battery design that provides seven backup days in cloudy weather conditions. If you are thinking of making the switch from traditional lights to solar lights, now is the time to do it and Ecolighting Solutions will help you along the way.

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