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LED Lighting Ownership Saves Money Over Incandescent, Florescent Bulb

          If you are in need of replacing some lights in your home or office, Ecolighting Solutions suggests going with LED lighting is not only an effective way to illuminate your space, but also an ideal way to save money. With incandescent lighting, which is what you may currently have, the bulbs operate at about 20% efficiency, meaning 20% of the electrical energy is used for lighting, with the remaining 80% of the electrical energy being lost as heat. Those numbers are flipped around when you switch to LED lighting in the Philippines. LED lighting operates near 80% efficiency, with that amount being used for lighting, and only 20% being lost to heat.

          Switching to LED lighting translates to a lot of money being saved on electricity costs, as well as on maintenance costs. For example, incandescent bulbs will likely blow out within a year and require new bulbs, whereas as LED light bulbs can be used for more than a decade without burning out. Not only do you have the cost of replacement bulbs to factor in with incandescent light bulbs, but if you are changing the bulbs in a business, you also have the cost of the manpower to change the bulbs to consider. While making the initial switch to LED lighting may be more expensive, as LED light bulbs are more expensive than incandescent light bulbs, which will be more than recovered over time once the energy savings comes into play and the lower maintenance costs kick in.

          The future is bright for LED lighting in the Philippines and around the globe. The uses for LED lighting are multiplying every day and they are definitely the lighting choice of the future. Is it time for you to make the switch?

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