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Street Lighting

          Ecolighting Solutions is pleased to be working on plans to refresh the city of Mandaluyong with new street lighting in the form of our LED (High-Yield Mechanical Optical Electric System – High Gas Discharge) products. This is a key achievement not only for Ecolighting Solutions, but also for Mandaluyong, as they will now be lighting their streets with the latest illumination technology.

          The goal is to use the LED street lighting to illuminate the Pasig Riverside area, making it safer for residents and tourists who like to walk along the resurgent riverfront area. The LED technology is on average 45% less expensive than LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting and maintenance costs are lower. In addition, this type of street lighting also gives a much higher color rendering (CRI 96).

          Mandaluyong decided to use Ecolighting Solutions LED street lighting, largely due to the fact the luminaire can be serviced without having to replace the whole light assembly. This lighting technology also offers superior lighting quality and is very cost effective, making it a great alternative to LED lighting. It is these advantages to LED street lighting that led the city of Mandaluyong to choose Ecolighting Solutions and this lighting technology to illuminate the riverside area. This type of lighting was developed in Taiwan and is being applauded around the world for its high quality illumination and energy efficiency.

          The city believes that the new street lighting is only the initial part of transformation of the Pasig Riverside area, as commercial and tourism projects will be planned at a later date. The new lighting along the riverside is planned for Christmas time, which will make the already popular Christmas destination a must-see for visitors to the city. Ecolighting Solutions is proud to partner with the city of Mandaluyong, illuminating the banks of the Pasig Riverside area with our LED street lighting.

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