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Pag-IBIG includes Solar Panels for Home Improvement Loans

          Due to the rise of the electricity bill in the Philippines, many Filipinos find ways to minimize their electricity bill. Some are using the energy efficient lights like LED lighting to lessen their bills. Others want to install solar panels to their houses, but the price of the solar panel unit and installation is too high to pay upfront.

          The Philippine Government is pushing the clean and renewable energy like Solar Energy. Solar panel units ranges from 20,000 pesos up to half a million pesos or more depending on the build and size of the solar panel units.
There’s a good news for those who want to install solar panel units in their houses. PAG-IBIG is now including the Solar Panel for home improvement loan. PAG-IBIG members can loan up to 6 million pesos and the payment for the loan may be amortized for up to 25 years, depending on the member’s discretion and ability to pay.

          Combining eco-friendly solar panels and energy efficient LED lights can lessen the electric bill drastically and also helps the environment.

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