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Standout in the Crowd: HDI Billboards

Standout in the Crowd: HDI Billboards

          Founded in Singapore in 1986 and present in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and the USA, HDI is geared towards the exemplary service of individuals and communities around the world. While HDI products and services cover a broad spectrum across different industries, they all share a common thread – work and play within a family-like environment, a commitment to excellence and the constant desire to keep pushing the envelope. Through leadership by example and a willingness to share, HDI is about helping others make a difference in their lives and their communities.

Overview: HDI uses 14 units of Floodlights for the illumination of their billboards.

Business Need: Better illumination at less energy consumption.

ELS Solution: LED, using less lighting units of the lower-watt Wualight Floodlight products.

Results: The 10 units of 400W Ecolighting Solutions LED Floodlights provide the HDI billboard in EDSA P.Tuazon great illumination and the billboard can be easily noticed among other billboard along EDSA.

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