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          Ecolighting Solutions (ELS) provides innovative high quality energy saving lighting solutions and products to deliver exceptional cost-savings and performance versus traditional lighting applications. We aim to be your complete energy savings lighting solutions provider by offering a full range of energy efficient lighting for new builds or retrofitting contracts, with the highest level of professional service and products. We understand the pain of high energy costs as business owners, and our mission is to lower your bills and increase your bottom line, while also increasing performance.

Total Client Service

          Our client service process includes a total understanding of the clients’ needs and requirements.
We offer lighting design, consulting, return on investment analysis, software lighting simulation modelling, best product selection, and supply chain fulfilment with after sales support. We also undertake housing and fixture builds, and provide high quality installation all with a goal to provide you with a complete package of value added service.

Track Record and Trust

          Our satisfied clients include some of the most respected companies in the world, and our results are clearly visible and measurable in your electricity bills and lighting performance. We take pride in our customers, and aim to satisfy each one with a high quality experience one at a time.

Leading High Quality Products

          Our products include the innovative range of LED technology for large scale industrial and commercial applications. We also provide a full range of leading manufacturers from energy saving lighting systems from leading manufacturers all over the world which are recommended after understanding what is best suited for your needs, and design a solution tailor made for your budget.

Please contact us at
Tel. No: (632) 845-0929
ELS is a division of Premier Cleantech Solutions

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