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Client Spotlight

World Trade Center Metro Manila

          The World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) in the financial center of Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines is a private corporation owned by the Manila Exposition Complex and the ICCP Group of Companies. Established in January 1990, it is managed by the World Trade Center Management, Inc. The center is the Philippines’ link to global networking and provides services and facilities to business people for conducting international trade, trade-related events, and others.

          Ecolighting Solutions retrofit the 250W Metal Halide with much better illumination at an average of 80 lux and with better light distribution, longer lifetime and can save up to at least 60% of WTC current electricity bill and maintenance with an estimated payback period of 2.40 years. In addition, Ecolighting Solutions high efficient high bay lights equipped with high CRI light source of up to 96Ra, providing safety and excellent visibility for workers, exhibitors and guests.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

          The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is an American coffee chain, owned and operated by International Coffee & Tea, LLC, which has its corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is an international chain with locations in Brunei, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, South Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Bahrain and newly opened branch in Amman, and Jordan.

Business Need: Cost effective lighting and better illumination for their warehouse.

ELS Solution: Ecolighting Solutions installed MR16 LED Lights

Results: The installation of the MR16 LED lights improves the lighting condition of the branch as well as the power consumption. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf President Walden Chu said that it lowered his company’s energy consumption by as much as 60 percent in the six months that they have begun in their warehouse.

Coronado Street, Mandaluyong City Lighting Project

          In order to provide the safety for roadway and residents, Mandaluyong City government has balanced against the high power consumption and enough illumination, and decided to install LED energy-saving Street light on one of the most bustling streets – Coronado Street.

Business Need: Better illumination at less energy consumption.

ELS Solution: Ecolighting Solutions installed 150W & 100W Street Lights.

Results: 100W and 150W LED Streetlights performance is impressive. It saves up to 50 percent of the city power consumption to Coronado Street. The residents of Coronado Street can now enjoy walking along the street safely and the motorist have a clear vision of the road.

Standout in the Crowd: HDI Billboards

          Founded in Singapore in 1986 and present in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and the USA, HDI is geared towards the exemplary service of individuals and communities around the world. While HDI products and services cover a broad spectrum across different industries, they all share a common thread – work and play within a family-like environment, a commitment to excellence and the constant desire to keep pushing the envelope. Through leadership by example and a willingness to share, HDI is about helping others make a difference in their lives and their communities.

Overview: HDI uses 14 units of Floodlights for the illumination of their billboards.

Business Need: Better illumination at less energy consumption.

ELS Solution: LED, using less lighting units of the lower-watt Wualight Floodlight products.

Results: The 10 units of 400W Ecolighting Solutions LED Floodlights provide the HDI billboard in EDSA P.Tuazon great illumination and the billboard can be easily noticed among other billboard along EDSA.

Energy Development Corporation

          Energy Development Corporation is the largest producer of geothermal energy in the Philippines and the second largest in the world. It is involved in geothermal, hydro and wind energy projects.

Overview: EDC uses Metal Halide Lighting for their warehouses.

Business Need: Less energy consumption lighting.

ELS Solution: ELS installed LED high bay lights.

Results: Compared to the previous 400W metal halide lighting installed in the warehouse, Metal Halide lighting only produce 26 Lux whereas the 100W Ecolighting Solutions LED Highbay lights produce 96 lux making the warehouse well illuminated and consumes less electricity.


          Petron is the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines, supplying more than a third of the country’s oil requirements.

Overview: Petron has been using LED lighting in its fuel station forecourts.

Business Need: Better illumination at less energy consumption.

ELS Solution: Ecolighting Solutions Canopy Light products.

Results: Compared to previous 150w LED light, the new Ecolighting Solutions 150w LED lights provide higher Lux.

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