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Energy Efficient Tips for Indoor Lighting
February 17, 2015

          About 19% of the energy around the world is consumed in lighting. It can even reach up to 40% if we focus the use of lighting in buildings.

          The most logical answer before to reduce the energy consumption is to decrease the quantity of lights used, but this will greatly affect the comfort and well-being of the people, thus affect their productivity. Since energy saving lights are introduced in the market, we can now reduce the energy consumption drastically without compromising the well-being of the people.

          Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing energy efficient lights:

          Luminaire Design – The reflector and the body of luminaire must be well designed so that if the use of its performance and luminous flux is in optimum, it will not generate annoying glare and will be easy to the eyes.

          Type of Lamp – Color rendering, life span, flexibility on adjustment and the efficiency in energy are the most important thing to consider when choosing the type of lamp.

          Auxiliary Equipment – This limits the maximum losses of systems. Electromagnetic devices with high or moderate losses are forbidden by several directives. This equipment will gradually disappear in favor of electronic equipment that offers more advantages and saves more energy.

          Control and Adjustment – Using adjustment systems can greatly reduce the energy consumption by 60 percent.

          Natural Light – In some cases, natural light can be used together with artificial light to save a lot of energy, with the adjustment system of artificial light present, it can adjust the output of the artificial light depending on how much natural light is present.

          Maintenance – The performance of the lights installed gradually decrease, due to the wear and tear of the lights. Also add up to the decrease in the performance of the lights are the accumulated dirt and reflector wears out. In order to avoid this, a scheduled maintenance is needed in order to replace the lights.

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Benefits of LED Floodlights
February 9, 2015

          LED Floodlights emits a bright white light that beams out at a very broad angle, these types of light are used in many spacious areas like warehouse, stadiums, theaters and even perimeter of houses and playgrounds. Since the introduction of LED lights in the market, it stands out compared to halogen CFL and incandescent lights because of the benefits it offers to the consumers.

          Here are the some of the advantages of LED Floodlights:

Long Life
          It is important for the consumers that the product last long. LED flood lights have this edge up to its sleeves, LED are known for its durability and the ability to last long compare to other lights saving tons of money for those who runs warehouses and stadiums. After its installation, the operator won’t have to worry about replacing it for a very long while.

Energy Saving
          Unlike any lighting product, LED flood lights are energy-friendly, consuming very little electricity, leading on saving as much as 80% on electricity cost.

Heat Emission
          Heat Emission is one of the major problems of light bulbs because of high amounts of energy is being supplied to the bulbs and converted to heat. This heat is then wasted because it dissipates around the lights’ surrounding. However, LED floodlights don’t emit strong heat thanks to its low energy consumption. Because of this, LED floodlights are ideal to use in cold storage warehouse and facilities.

Low Maintenance and Replacement Cost
          Because of the durability and longevity of LED flood lights, this saves the consumers considerable amount of money in maintenance cost. LED flood lights dim gradually over time signaling the consumers that it is time to replace the unit. It is also impervious to temperature fluctuation and environmental conditions and it remains stable and functional amid the harsh freezing condition.

          Since LED Floodlights doesn’t produce heat, it reduces and also prevents the risk of fire accidents. And because of the absence of the fragile filament other lights have to provide the cover, making LED Flood lights one of the safest lights on the market.

Environmental Friendly
          LED floodlights don’t have mercury and lead contents. Because of the absence of these harmful materials, it don’t produce carbon emission that have harmful effects to health and the environment.

Produce Bright Light
          The bright light produced by LED is very similar to daylight, making it easy for the eyes. When used in stadiums, it makes the audience feel as though it is day time inside the stadium.

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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf chain switches to LED lights, saves significantly on Energy Cost
November 18, 2013

          The switch to Ecolighting Solutions LED lighting has already begun to pay off for the restaurant chain The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL), the first company in the Philippines to embrace the new illumination technology pioneered in Taiwan and is now spreading throughout the Asia and Europe.

          According to CBTL President Walden Chu, LED has lowered his company’s energy consumption by as much as 60 percent in the six months that they have begun in their warehouse.

          Researchers in Korea developed LED in a bid to arrive at a more energy-efficient lighting solution. Its pioneering ballast design allows the use of low-watt bulbs to produce up to three time its strength in illumination. LED is lighting up roads in Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

          Ecolighting Solutions LED technology is proving itself a worthy competitor to traditional light-emitting diode (LED). ELS LED is currently priced 25-35% lower than top-tier LED brands. ELS LED has likewise been rated to achieve illumination superior to traditional LED.

          With the lower electricity consumption of LED, CBTL’s investment in the new lighting technology is expected to pay off in just less than a year.

          “Out electricity bill truly reflects the significant savings since we started using LED.” Chu says.

          According to Miko Pascual, marketing director for efficient-energy solutions company Ecolighting Solutions (a division of Premier Cleantech Solutions), switching to LED helps to mitigate not only rising energy costs, but the toll that excessive energy demand takes on the environment as well. He reveals that apart from CBTL, factories, billboard operators, gas stations, and even local government units have similarly made the switch to LED.

          Pascual notes that ELS LED is superior choice to traditional LEDs, particularly in the Philippines, where electricity rates are among the highest in the world – and still rising.
          “LED is not just more energy-efficient, it also performs better. Plus, it cost less and gives you quicker ROI.” He explains.

Lighting Solutions Cut Power Usage
February 12, 2013

          Filipino-owned Ecolighting Solutions has offered lighting solutions that promise to reduce electricity consumption by as 66 percent with the use of the energy-efficient LED green lighting technology.

          Rommel Lacap, head of business development, said at the product launch that the LED green lighting is a technology of Ecolighting Solutions.

          LED promises to curb electricity consumption by delivering comparable levels of illumination using less wattage thus resulting in huge power cost savings.

          “This is good news for the Philippines, which electricity cost has been found to be among the highest in the world,” Lacap said.

          A study released last August by International Energy Consultants ranked the country ninth in a survey of 44 territories.

          The challenge of increasing costs has pushed the lighting industry and its end-users toward the direction of reducing costs and going green.

          The LED technology applies patented electronics in purpose-built assemblies to maximize the output of commonly available LED bulbs. LED lights have been observed to produce similar levels of illumination at one-third of regularly used wattage, cutting electricity consumption significantly and contributing to energy conservation. Already, a number of companies in the Philippines have begun switching to Ecolighting Solutions’ LED lights with impressive results. The Crown Regency Hotel and Tower in Cebu has deployed Ecolighting Solutions’ street lights, in keeping with their resolve to go green and keep energy-efficient.

          The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chain meanwhile has started using the ELS LED lights for their warehouse.

          “Reducing cost and increasing the quality of lighting in our warehouses is a critical priority, allowing us to continuously provide the best products and services to our customers and to efficiently cater to our rapidly expanding business,” said Walden Chu, President of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines.

          “After careful evaluation of several alternatives, we settled on EcoLumina’s LED products due their reliability, ease of maintenance, and high quality lux and lumens,” he said.

          ELS’ LED lights have likewise proven to be cost-effective alternatives in commercial, industrial and public settings across the Asia-Pacific.

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